Computer System Security 7th Week Solution

Computer System Security 7th Week Solution
Computer System Security 7th Week Solution

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Computer System Security 7th Week Solution is given below.

Q:1. Which of the following is not a level of access control on UNIX systems?

  • (a) User
  • (b) Administrator
  • (c) Group
  • (d) Other

Answer (b) Administrator

Q:2. Which of the following permission types a UNIX file can be assigned?

1. Read

2. Write

3. Execute

4. All of the above

Answer(4) All of the above

Q:3. Which of the following information is contained in the access tokens?

1. The security identifier (SID) for the user’s account

2. A list of the privileges held by either the user or the user’s groups

3. The SID for the primary group

4. All of the above

Answer(4) All of the above

Q:4. An access token that has been created to capture the security information of a client process, allowing a server to “impersonate” the client process in security operations.

1. Primary Token

2. Process Token

3. Personalized Token

4. Impersonation Token

Answer(4)  Impersonation Token

Q:5. Which of the following is not a common password myth?

1. The best length of password is 8 characters

2. Replacing characters with numbers is good (e.g. J0hn_Sm1th)

3. Passwords can include spaces

4. None of the above

Answer(3)  Passwords can include spaces

Q:6. Which of the following is one of the technically simplest processes of gaining access to any password-protected system?

1. Clickjacking

2. Brute force attack

3. Eavesdropping

4. Waterhole

Answer(2) Brute force attack

Q:7. A _______________ is a process of breaking a password protected system or server by simply & automatically entering every word in a dictionary as a password.

1. Dictionary attack

2. Phishing attack

3. Social engineering attack

4. MiTM attack

Answer(1) Dictionary attack

Q:8. Brute force attack is usually ______________

1. fast

2. inefficient

3. slow

4. complex to understand

Answer(3) slow

Q:9. Which of the following is not an advantage of dictionary attack?

1. Very fast

2. Time-saving

3. Easy to perform

4. Very tough and inefficient

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Answer(4) Very tough and inefficient

Q:10. Which of the following is a vulnerability in web browser?

1. Cross Site Scripting

2. Implementation bugs

3. Both A and B

4. Buffer overflow

Answer(3) Both A and B

Q:11. The _______ is an object in web browser.

1. Frames

2. DOM

3. Cookies

4. All of the above

Answer(4) All of the above

Q:12. Which of the following is not a component of security policy?

1. Frame – Frame relationships

2. Frame – principal relationships

3. Principal – Principal relationships

4. None of the above

Answer(3) Principal – Principal relationships

Q:13. Chromium browser has the module ________ in separate protection domains

1. Rendering engine

2. Browser kernel

3. Browser process

4. Both A and B

Answer(4) Both A and B

Q:14. Which of the following is not a task assigned to browser kernel?

1. HTML parsing

2. Window management

3. Password database

4. Download manager

Answer(1) HTML parsing

Q:15. The percentage of phishing in sampling of 2015 security incidents is ______.

1. 8.9%

2. 4.9%

3. 2.9%

4. 0.9%

Answer(3) 2.9%

Computer System Security 7th Week Solution is given below. the solution of Computer System Security 7rd Week Solution and all the answers are correct.



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