NCERT Physics Class 11

NCERT Physics Class 11
NCERT Physics Class 11

NCERT Physics Class 11

Download the pdf file of physics and in this book we learn the basic concept of physics

Physics Part – I

Unit I: Physical World

Unit II: Units and Measurement

Unit III: Motion in Straight Line

Unit IV:  Motion in a Plane

Unit V: Law of Motion

Unit VI: Work, Energy and Power

Unit VII: Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion

Unit VIII: Gravitation

Answer of all the Chapter 


Physics Part – II

NCERT Physics Class 11

Unit IX: Mechanical Properties of Solids

Unit X: Mechanical Properties of Fluids

Unit XI: Thermal Properties of Matter

Unit XII: Thermodynamics

Unit XIII: Kinetic Theory

Unit XIV: Oscillations

Unit XV: Waves

Complete Answer of all Part II

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